WARNING ... Adult Content.
(If you are offended by dirty nasty sleazy naked carnal knowledge ... turn back.)

“The cumrag of the stars”
A.K.A.; The Manhattan Review Of Unnatural Acts Also known as: The New York Review of Cocksucking, The North American Horndog Reader, The New Amsterdam Journal of Trade, The Manatus Raunch Gazette, The Uranian Spurting Times, Feeled and Creemed, Splorch Illustrated, etc. (THE official organ of: The Great East Ball Lickers Union - local 6942, W.H.O.R.E. International, and, The Society For The Preservation Of Quality Blow Jobs.)

-- Now in our fourth decade of service to the international pervert community --

We publish true reader-written sex histories - and raunchy pics.
Began in 1973 by cult writer Boyd McDonald (1925– 1992),
and continued by second editor Victor Weaver,
STH is currently published and edited by Billy Miller.

This website is a work-in-progress. PLEASE check back for more ...

STH loves you ;-)

WANTED - Sex Histories!
For anonymous publication. You need not include your name - just the facts please. Open up your smut drawer and dump it all out. Do like the animals do. Writings of any length (long or short) are requested. Photos, interesting news items, and suggestions are also welcome. We need YOUR help to continue our mission of mercy.

S.T.H. Box 20424 NYC 10023


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